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Mr. Steele smiles as Marcus tries on his jacket, reveling in just how the boy gets swallowed up by his clothing.

Marcus stands firm as Steele runs his hands over his chest and arms, feeling for fit and ease while exciting the boy's loins. Just as quickly as it comes on, Mr. Steele proceeds to take it off, giving himself access to the young man's beautiful, fuckable body!

Marcus swallows Mr. Steele's cock, gagging on it as it stretches out his tiny mouth and throat. The older man watches as Marcus gets his shaft drenched with saliva; getting it hard and ready to fuck his tight hole.

Mr. Steele grips onto Marcus' hips, holding him in place as he puts the full force of his size into his thrusts, fucking his bottom deep and hard! Marcus shakes as he withstands Mr. Steele's pounding, eager and hungry to feel his load fill him up.
The Fitting
From: admin
Added: Oct 29, 2019
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Chandler and Cameron have just finished their work out and have come to the locker room to dress down.  Both are very sweaty and energized, not to mention horny!  Chandler asks Cameron if he thinks he should possibly shave off his body hair and maybe he won't sweat as much.  Cameron says he has never noticed how hairy he was, but that he should keep the hair, it looks sexy on him.  He runs his hands through Chandler's hairy chest and asks if he is equally hairy down below.  As he explores Chandler's hairy body, both guys are excited and Cameron starts sucking Chandler as his cock begins to grow in his mouth. Chandler then sucks Cameron and turns him around to rims his ass.  Chandler fucks Cameron in all over the locker room and at the end he pounds Cameron hard until he shoots his cum right onto Chandler's furry belly.  Chandler pulls out and shoots a massive sprinkler type load all over Cameron drenching him in cum.Enjoy!
To Shave Or Not To Shave
Added: Mar 10, 2017
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Blackmail is messy business but then again, if you want to get ahead in Washington, you're going to have to get your hands dirty every now and again. Congressman Markie More understands this, but unfortunately, so does potential intern Jimmy Clay. Jimmy has some rather incriminating evidence on his phone that Markie would prefer not see the light of day, but in order to keep Jimmy quiet, Markie's gonna have to play ball. Jimmy just wants what's coming to him, and Markie is in no position to deny his request, so Jimmy and Markie strip down and commence to engage in some cross partisan hard negotiations. One thing Jimmy learns about Markie is that he stands behind his work, doing everything he can to ram his positions through the procedure, and while Markie is unsure if Jimmy can be trusted, he accepts Jimmy's firm promise that nothing will leak out as long as he doesn't mind the hard work in front of him. Besides, what's a little more polling to a Washington insider?  Enjoy!
Senator Secrets
Added: Feb 17, 2017
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 Cruising the estates for some straight dick, Issac Jones is one of the most beautiful men ever seen on film, dark hair, dark eyes, hot stubble and a ripped torso, covered in an awesome tribal tattoo. Spying a hot fucker walk past, and giving off all the right signs for our handsome man, he follows him upstairs where he's waiting, topless and dick out, and fucking hell is it a big dick!! Massive, hard and waiting to slide down a throat. Both guys here have perfect bodies, smooth, six-packs, pecs you just want to bite, not to mention gorgeous dicks you just want inside you and hungry holes you just want to lick and get inside of!! This scene will drive you crazy and there will definitely be steam coming off your screen as the hot fuckers get down and dirty with one another. Watching Issac stick his tongue deep into the squatting Jake Reed's hole is pure heaven, and as Issac proceeds to fuck, his already buff body working up a sweat as his twists and pounds, both musclebound studs get hotter, hornier and sweatier than ever before, leaving them, and us, completely covered in sweat and spunk, breathless from the intense orgasms had all round!
Rugged British Men Fuck
From: rd01
Added: Feb 3, 2017
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Muscle stud Woody Fox hits the outdoor showers at the campgrounds. Hidden beneath enormous redwoods, the area offers up some instant excitement when Woody spies Seth Santoro naked under the water. Slowly stripping down, Woody casts subtle glances towards Seth, and Seth looks over his shoulder to return eye contact. As Woody turns on the water in the next shower stall, he turns around to show off his swelling cock. Working the soap into a thick lather, Seth scrubs his muscular butt, then invites Woody to help wash his back. As Woody walks up from behind, his massive boner thrusts into Seth's ass cheeks. With the water running over their bulging muscles, Seth and Woody turn to each other and kiss passionately. Sinking to his knees, Seth inhales Woody's enormous uncut cock. The oral service works Woody up to the point where he's eager to get a taste of Seth's tight hole. Spreading Seth's meaty ass, Woody dives in tongue first for an epic rim job that has Seth eager for more. Moving to a nearby bench, Woody alternates between rimming Seth's ass and sucking his thick cock. Legs in the air, Seth eagerly awaits Woody's massive tool inside of him, and Woody delivers. With powerful thrusting, Woody dominates Seth's tight hole. Turning around and bracing himself against the shower wall, Seth takes Woody's cock doggy style. When Woody sits down on the bench, Seth lowers himself down on Woody's meat and uses his powerful legs to ride it up and down. Woody starts to thrust up from beneath Seth, which makes Seth's hard cock shoot a massive load! Kneeling down, Seth opens his mouth and catches Woody's load in his mouth.
Camping sex
From: rd01
Added: Jan 7, 2017
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Straight men doing gay things
From: Popme
Added: Dec 8, 2016
Total Photos: 20
Anthony David and Johnny B. are real horny and ready to play. These two boys quickly get naked, and Anthony goes to work sucking on Johnny's super hard cock. Johnny stands on the bed and pounds the young Latino's hot mouth, but Anthony never gags or loses a beat, he just keeps sucking that big fat cock until Johnny pulls out and lets the cum fly all over the Latino twink's face
Younger Skater Studs
From: Rideme
Added: Apr 14, 2016
Total Photos: 12
Ushering in the start of the new season, teammates Jake Karhoff and Hunter Stone have decided to engage in a friendly little competition. QB Jake has wagered that he looks better in his uniform than tight end Hunter, who takes issue with this challenge, since he's been hitting the weight room all off-season. Hunter is convinced his hard work and hard body will win him the bet, but once he sees Jake in his tight pants, he's less concerned with winning the battle and more concerned with a different reward- seeing what's underneath Jake's uniform. Jake is likewise confident his hard work will put him over the top, but when he sees his receiver dressed in full fatigues he also abandons the spirit of competition in lieu of something a little more collaborative, as he and Hunter embrace and slowly strip out of their gear. Jake drops to his knees, unlacing Hunter's pants and grabbing his package, then licking it up and down before full on deep throating it. Hunter returns the favor, going down on the quaterback before bending over and letting Jake have his way with him. <br><br>Jake pounds Hunter against a bench, surrounded by fall foliage and the setting sun, and Hunter closes his eyes and takes every pleasurable inch of Jake's offering, stroking himself off as Jake pounds away. Jake sprays his load all over Hunter and then pulls out and sucks him off, swallowing every last drop as Hunter convulses from the sensation. As both guys wipe the sweat from their brow and watch the sun's final light descend the horizon, they concede that everyone here is a winner
Football Fuck outdoors
From: admin
Added: Nov 21, 2015
Total Photos: 8
Mark Long is quite a horny young man.  So horny, in fact, he's jerked off in semi-public places more than a few times.  He's never been caught, but there've been a few close calls.  Today, as Mark waits in the community laundry room for a load of laundry to work through a cycle, he gets that feeling where he's just get off!<br/><br/>Jake Karhoff is a fellow condo resident and is having a nice, lazy laundry day.  But when he discovers that the door to the laundry room has been locked, he must find Pete, the building manager, to unlock the door.<br/><br/>  When Jake enters the room to find Mark, mid stroke, Jake stays cool and doesn't act too excited.  Mark, on the other hand is extremely embarrassed.  He pulls up his pants and turns beat red.  Jakes certainly likes the look of Mark's enormous cock.  And in this particular situation, he can pretty well guess that Mark might be game for some fooling around, seeing as he must be very horny.<br/><br/>  When Jake suggests they hookup, Mark doesn't hesitate accept his advances.  Jake goes to Mark and they kiss passionately.  Soon, Mark's dick is making its second appearance, and Jake is slurping it as deep as his throat will allow.  Mark can't believe his luck!  The hot guy he's seen around the condos is sucking him off. <br/><br/> It's not long before Jake is presenting his tight hole for Mark to fuck.  Once Mark squeezes his swollen dick into Jake's ass, the action intensifies quickly.  Mark bangs Jake's hole while Jake props his foot up on a dryer.  After a while, they move to a chair where Jake climbs atop Mark and goes for a good, stiff ride.  Mark loves how much Jake enjoys taking his fat cock.<br/><br/>They move back over to the dryer to finish things off with a hard fuck session, where Jake ends up getting blasted in the face with Mark's hot, sticky cum.  Now this was a load worth waiting for!
Laundry Room Hookup
From: Buddy
Added: Oct 24, 2015
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At TheCastingRoom, bearded sex-hungry stud Jurgis is the type of horny sexy workout partner you dream of having at the gym. This mostly-hereto fella has a chummy nature and a relentless desire for sex. He’ll spend ages standing in the gang showers just because he enjoys being admired and likes receiving a quality blowjob from a man now and then. Jurgis claims never to have shown off his arse before but watch his physical and see what an expert he is at displaying his hole. We can’t wait to roll around and get dirty with this hot fucker
Casting Room: Jurgis
From: admin
Added: Oct 3, 2015
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The best excuse for a cheeky wank in the storage room is ’Looking for a Bible.’ However, super hung priest Craig Daniel catches horny young man Johny in the act and what he’s jerking over definitely isn’t a’s a porno! Catching sight of the hung boys Johny Cruz is getting off to, Craig decides the right punishment for this cock hungry twink is one hell of a real dick, all 9” of it being gobbled down his throat. Soon rock hard and eager for more, Craig’s giant dick has its eye on Johny’s delicious ass, and as Johny is propped up against the shelving, his cheeks are spread open, exposing the puckering hole, getting wetter with each lap by the priest, ready and desperate of the big thick dick to slide inside! Slamming away again and again, Johny pushes back, taking his punishment as hard as he can, and Craig is more than happy to dish it out for as long as possible, ending up covering his boy in holy semen!
Caught by the Priest
From: admin
Added: Sep 15, 2015
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Shane's massage

Shane was pretty nervous about doing a happy-ending massage. He took his time thinking about it and decided to give it a shot after a little convincing. His big concern was whether he'd be able to get it up. He shrugged off his nerves, though, and made the leap into his first experience with a guy. It took a minute for him to relax; from the little pre-shoot
Shane's Massage
From: admin
Added: Sep 11, 2015
Total Photos: 8
What's a better combination than sex and pizza?!  Mark Long is getting hungry.  But after looking in his refrigerator, high and low, he reaches out and orders up a hot pie for delivery.  <br>As you probably know, Mark is one of the most delicious porn stars out there, and is recognized on the street by fans constantly.  Sometimes it's a little nerve wracking, but sometimes the fans are smoking hot themselves.  James Dickson, Mark's pizza boy, is one of the sexy ones.<br>When James Mark opens his door, James nearly pops a fat hard on right on the spot.  He's one of Mark's biggest fans!  But when James expresses his adoration, Mark brushes it off, pretending not to be who James thinks. Mark realizes he doesn't have enough cash to give James for a tip, so he invites James in to discuss other options.  He explains that he IS in fact James's favorite porn star, and figured that since James is such a huge fan, he would let James suck his dick...instead of a cash tip!<br>James is more than excited and goes right in toward Mark's crotch.  But Mark stops him, and pulls James face towards his own, by James's chin.  They kiss deeply for a while.  Then James finally pulls down Mark's pants and grabs his huge, swelling cock.  He goes to his knees and bobs on the thick erection.  Mark loves pleasing his fans and this couldn't be a more direct experience.  <br>James mouth feels so good working his meat that Mark decides to go a little further and give James something to really tell his pizza-boy, pepperoni pals about.  He sets James up on a couple kitchen stools and shoves his pulsating sausage into James's sweet hole.<br>After pounding him for a while, he repositions the appreciative delivery boy so he can slam him from behind for a bit.  Watch this fan get to fulfill his wildest fantasy when Mark Long runs out of cash and tries to make it right by giving a lot more than just the tip!
Just the Tip
From: Jon
Added: Aug 21, 2015
Total Photos: 8
Tyler Sky is a solid student who works hard for his good grades.  Tyler was absent due to illness on the day the final exam in Chemistry was given, but he made arrangements with the professor to make it up.  When Tyler shows up for the test, he's surprised to find class clown and hot badboy, Zane Porter, is making up the exam too.  As Tyler works to answer the questions for which he prepared hard, Zane sits behind him, struggling to focus on the boring test that he can hardly even understand. Zane realizes that Tyler, being one of the biggest overachievers in school, probably knows all the answers.  Since the professor is probably napping in the lounge, and won't be back for another hour or so, Zane propositions Tyler. When Tyler denies Zane's first request, Zane decides to offer something in return.  Tyler can't believe Zane when Zane tells him he'll show him his cock.  Tyler laughs at first but turns around to see Zane standing up, with his large, swollen dick in hand. Tyler has had his eye on Zane all semester and this is an opportunity too sweet to pass up.  Before Zane knows it, Tyler is sucking his fat dick.  This is like a dream cum true for Tyler.  Zane enjoys the warm feeling of Tyler's lips around his throbbing dong for a while before pulling out Tyler's big cock and doing some slurping of his own.  When the energy builds to a tipping point, the boys move to a desk where Zane slides his stiff meat into Tyler's tight ass.  Join this exam session where the last thing on these guys' minds is finishing on time.  This is how to exploit the cute, nerdy kid without feeling too guilty!
Final Exam
From: admin
Added: Jul 17, 2015
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Cute young straight boy Jack at TheCastingRoom has always thought about doing porn before but never had the opportunity. He has a muscular well-defined body, a sexy tight untouched ass and a cheeky smile. It’s a waste to leave a guy who is as sexy as this to work in fast food. A body this hot should be immortalized on camera before he gets married and fills out. Up until now he’s only been captured naked on camera phones when his girlfriend sucks him off. This is the first full coverage of his cock and magnificent ass
From: Jon
Added: Jul 11, 2015
Total Photos: 8
Two trashy straight white men jacking and cumming
Straight Thugs Jacking...
From: Jon
Added: Jul 5, 2015
Total Photos: 8
It'd been about a month since Chase finally came back for the massage scene I offered him after his solo shoot last time. He was a little on the fence about it, but between work and his girlfriend (who still doesn't know he's doing porn), it was hard for him to slip away long enough to make it happen once he decided to go for it. It was worth the wait. Chase had never done anything with a guy before and, even when he had been deployed to countries that are well known for their
Chase's Massage
From: admin
Added: Jun 20, 2015
Total Photos: 8
In the Army, authority MUST be respected.  Pierce Hartman and his boyfriend, Colt Rivers, are learning that first hand.vPierce was a minor leage basketball player, just shy of making the pros.  Now he and Colt have joined the Army to find a new path and start a new journey.  After settling into their bunks, Colt wants to fool around.  Pierce agrees, but wants to make it quick so they can make it to their first assembly meeting.  As they pleasure each other orally, Seargent Johnny Torque happens upon them.  He doesn't make a sound as he watches suck their fat, swollen dicks.  In fact, Seargent Torque likes the promise he sees in these new cadets.  He takes out his dick from his hidden position and strokes, still silent.  <br><br>When the time is right, Johnny pops out from behind his curtain, startling Colt and Pierce.  They stand at attention for a moment before Johnny tells them to continue as they were.  He positions himself to dip his firm cock into Colt's mouth while Pierce licks Colt's tight butthole.  After some of this, Seargent Torque orders Pierce to fuck Colt's ass.  They follow orders right away, and Pierce slides his massive dick into Colt's warm hole.  Colt takes the solid walloping and takes Johnny's boner into his mouth at the same time. Then Seargent Torque gets underneath Colt so he can have a go at slamming this new private.  Join this military welcome session as a couple of new recruits get a taste of action from all fronts!
Private Matters
From: admin
Added: Jun 11, 2015
Total Photos: 9
Don’t be fooled by the clean cut looks of Brendon at This straight hunk is pure slut. He loves the exposure and the naughtiness of be looked at whilst he performs. The directors don’t get that many true exhibitionists through the door but this is a 100% exposure slut. His buttocks are pretty much perfect and his hole is a proper cheeky thing, practically begging to be eaten.
Casting Room Rugged...
From: admin
Added: May 23, 2015
Total Photos: 8
Bradley is tall! At 6'4
Scruffy Bradley
From: Jon
Added: May 22, 2015
Total Photos: 11