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Back to All StoriesOff the Ice — A young hockey superstar...

Off the Ice — A young hockey superstar realizes he can have it all...

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Off the Ice

"Heeeeeee shots and scores!" blared throughout the old arena. The fans rose to their feet, excited that their rookie superstar score early in the first period. He was fun to watch, and easy to like. Besides being good looking and a star at the age of 18, he was mature enough to handle the fame.

The game ended, the home team had won, and now Austin headed to the showers with the rest of the team. As usual, he talked to reporters after he showered and was one of the last players to leave.

"Austin, what does the team need to improve on?"

"Austin, just one question..."

"Austin, how's it feel to have all the spotlight?"

Austin pushed past the crowd to his car. He loved the fame and fortune, but it did have its drawbacks.


Brendan made his way through the locker room. One by one, he threw the towels lying around in his bag. Brendan had been on the clean-up crew for almost six months now and he enjoyed it. At 18, it was every guy's dream to work for a professional sports team. Since Brendan was 14 he had feelings towards guys, but he took his work seriously and made sure not to cross any lines. Well, until recently. He just couldn't get the star rookie, Austin, out of his mind. Austin always was one of the last players in the locker room, sometimes he stayed late enough that Brendan was already cleaning up. He couldn't help but take a peek if Austin was in the shower or changing in front of his locker.

Brendan was a good looking kid, built like a football player. He was 5'8 with a thick body, and cute boy-band type face. One thing unique about Austin, was even though he was new to the team, he was already emerging as a leader. That was a huge turn-on for Brendan. He wanted Austin to be in charge of him.

Austin was a hunk...rippling muscles, hairless chest, shaved butt, bright smile, the whole nine yards. Brendan had never but much thought into his feelings towards men, but when he thought about Austin, he knew he wanted to be his bitch.


The game ended and Austin headed to the locker room with a smile. It didn't get any better than this. The reporters questioned Austin for longer than usual, focusing on his shootout goal which won them the game. Inevitably, the players trickled out of the locker room, the press left, and Austin was left sitting on the bench, exhausted. Slowly, Austin got up and headed to the showers.

Austin stepped under the stream of water and gently moaned as the warm water ran down his sore, naked body. He flexed his muscles as he worked the soap over his toned biceps and tight chest.

Austin looked around the empty shower stall. The large room had an opening on each side leading into the main locker room. Austin always showered along the front wall, so he couldn't see into the locker room from where he was standing. Along one of the side walls, was a standard towel closet. One of the ones with slits in the door, which worked well to keep the towels warm from the stream from the showers.

Austin turned off the shower and left the room. He swiftly walked across the locker room in the buff and grabbed his towel out of his locker. Within a few minutes he was dressed and gone.


Brendan quietly climbed out of his hiding place in the towel closet. He knew he would be fired in a second if he was ever caught. But he couldn't help himself; he couldn't resist watching Austin's hard body. A few weeks back, Brendan had noticed that Austin stopped using the towels in the towel closet, and that had given him his inspiration. And what a great idea it was. Inside the closet, Brendan had a perfect view of Austin and his chiseled body. Brendan loved watching the water run down Austin's chest, stomach, and down his long cock.

Brendan had even had a close call. Once, while Austin was taking his shower, Brendan had accidentally smacked his head off of one of the shelves in the closet. He remembered panicking, and watching Austin turn towards the sound. Luckily, Austin must not have thought anything of it because he had gone right back to showering; as Brendan let out a sigh of relief.


"One by one, even two by two..." The club's music blasted, as Austin and his friends moved through the crowd. Austin loved the attention. Enough people recognized him so that there were always eyes on him, looking over his body, and secretly wanting him.

His friends knew it too. Stan turned towards Austin. The moment almost seemed in slow motion; Austin looked over Stan's freckled face and spiked hair, as Stan moved in and whispered, "Dude, you can have any girl you want." Austin knew he was right.


Their third game in four days was a tough one. Austin sluggishly made it to the showers. It was late, even later than Austin usually made it to the showers. So late, that the locker room had already been cleaned. The warm water fell over Austin's aching body. Austin rubbed his sack...he was hornier than usual. He hadn't had sex in weeks.

Stunned, Austin quickly turned towards his right, at the sound of footsteps. Brendan entered the shower room and froze as he saw Austin.

"Fuck...sorry," Brendan said, shocked, "I...thought everyone was gone, I was going to take a quick shower."

Austin looked over Brendan's nude body, much more than he expected from a towel boy. "No problem," Austin finally offered, "I'm done here." With those words Austin dropped his bar of soap onto the shower floor. Austin bent over, flashing his mouth watering ass to Brendan, who was doing everything in his power not to get hard in front of his idol.

As Austin stood back up, a rush of embarrassment came over him. He couldn't help but notice the towel boy checking out his ass. Why did he just drop the soap like that? What was he thinking? Austin quickly grabbed his things and took off for his locker.

Brendan wasn't sure what had just happened, but he was proud of himself for keeping his cool. He turned on a shower and slipped under the warm water. He couldn't help gently tugging on his bone, after all, he had a new image to tug to.

Austin finished drying himself off and closed his locker. Why was he so horny? The answer hit him hard. Stan's comment flooded back to him, "Dude, you can have any girl you want." So why didn't he? Instead, he was standing nude, in front of his locker, horny as ever.

Austin had been hiding the truth from himself for months. He knew what he wanted. The fame and the press had been a lot for him to handle. He was in the spotlight all the time, but he was only human. The truth was Austin knew that Brendan watched him. A few months back, Brendan must have knocked something over in the towel closet. That was when Austin had put the pieces together. All the little signs came together at that moment and he realized Brendan wanted him.

Even before that, Austin had a hunch. He remembered when he started keeping a towel in his locker. Secretly hoping Brendan would notice the convenient towel closet.

Stan's words rushed back through his mind, "Dude, you can have any girl you want." Now it was clear to Austin the problem was he didn't want a girl. He wanted something which he couldn't have in front of the public and press. He wanted to experience a guy.

Standing nude, in front of his locker, Austin put the pieces together. He didn't want a boyfriend, he didn't want to jeopardize his image, he just wanted to try something new. To quench a thirst that was growing inside of him.

A smile slowly formed on Austin's face as he realized he could have exactly what he the privacy of the locker room.


Brendan turned, startled, as Austin briskly entered the shower room. A moment of embarrassment flushed over Brendan, as his hands dropped to his sides, leaving his boner out in full view. But the embarrassment didn't last long, as Austin swiftly dropped to his knees and took Brendan's bone between his lips.

"Oh." The moan escaped Brendan's lips, as Austin slide his fat lips over Brendan's hardening shaft. Brendan's dream was coming true right in front of him. His idol was sucking his cock like in so many of his dreams. Soon he was thrusting his hips, forcing his cock down Austin's throat.

Austin gagged, but was determined to get what he wanted. He knew any doubt left in Brendan's mind, would quickly disappear. Austin cupped Brendan's plump ass cheeks in his hands as Brendan's seven inch cock pumped in his mouth. Austin felt his cock rise as his hand felt over Brendan's fat cheeks.

Austin stood up and put his hands on Brendan's shoulders, pushing him down. Brendan was more than happy to drop to his knees in front of Austin's rising eight inch tool. Brendan grabbed Austin's heavy nut sack with his soft hand as he sent he tongue over Austin's plump cock head.

"Yeah, fuckin' suck it," Austin moaned. Brendan's wet lips shot down Austin's pole. Brendan deep throated Austin, pushing his nose against his pubs again and again. It was the best head Austin had gotten in a long while and he wasn't hiding his gratitude.

The warm water of the shower hit Austin's solid chest and ran down over his package, as Brendan made his cock wet with saliva. Brendan was going to town on Austin, gulping down Austin's shaft and pre-cum like there was no tomorrow.

Austin pushed Brendan off of his cock and took a step back, "Get in the locker room."

Brendan quickly moved into the locker room, still dripping wet from the shower. Austin followed, admiring his plump, deep ass.

"Bend over," Austin said, pointing at one of the locker room benches. Brendan bent over long-ways on the bench, so that his stomach and ass his hanging off and his knees where on the cold locker room floor. Austin knelt down behind Brendan, and shoved his cock in between Brendan's tight cheeks. First, Austin put his hands on Brendan's cheeks and pushed them together. The feeling of the towel boy's cheeks masturbating his cock was amazing.

Brendan, who had been waiting for this moment, was losing patience as his asshole twitched. "Fuck me, fuck me," he urged.

Austin leaned over Brendan, forcing his hockey stick into Brendan's ass.

"Oh Fuck!" Brendan yelled, as the pleasure mixed with pain. Austin slowly pumped his pole in and out of Brendan, as he got use to the feeling of his tight, warm ass. Brendan's ass felt better than any pussy he had ever had.

Brendan tightly held onto the bench, as Austin picked up speed, slamming his beast in and out. As Brendan got use to the fuck session, he loosened up a hand and wildly began jerking his on hard on. The feeling of being fucked by the rookie superstar was too much for his teenage hormones.

"Oh, Oh, Oh," Brendan moaned, as Austin's pole pushed deeper.

"Fuck yeah," Austin declared as his balls slapped against Brendan's ass.

Brendan's breathing became more rapid and his body tensed up. Austin watched, hornier than ever, as Brendan's thick load shot out of his cock onto the bare floor.

The sight brought Austin to his brink. He pulled his fuck tool out of Brendan and laid down on the floor, "Jerk my cock," he ordered.

Brendan quickly wrapped his hand around Austin's rod and started pumping. Faster and faster, Brendan worked Austin's cock, as Austin moaned out in ecstasy.

As Brendan pulled at Austin's cock pointing straight up, Austin pushed his hips up, spraying his milky load up into the air. "OH, Fuck!" Austin yelled, as his semen shot into the air and landed on his package and on his stomach. Brendan watched in delight, as Austin finished his explosive orgasm.

After catching his breath, Austin opened his eyes, "Towel boy, why don't you do your job and find me a towel?"

"No problem," Brendan answered, letting go of Austin's pole and getting up. Brendan ran to the towel closet, ecstatic over what had just taken place. The only downside was the emptiness Brendan's ass felt without eight inches of Austin's beef. Brendan opened the closet and looked down, noticing his cock was on the rise again. He grabbed a towel and hurried back to his hero.

Brendan entered to see Austin standing, pumping his cock, which was already hard again. Austin was using his own cum as lube, as he pumped his glistening cock with his tight fist. Brendan couldn't help but smile, as Austin uttered, "Bend over."

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