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Back to All StoriesLabor Day Cum & Play — My best friend and I...

Labor Day Cum & Play — My best friend and I discover ourselves for the first time

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Labor Day Cum & Play

As boys, Ethan and I spent many nights at the other's house. His brother was a few years older than us, a football jock, and was popular with the girls at school. My sister was the same age as Ethan's brother, but was more concerned with her friends than after school activities. They were both part of the popular crowd and often hung out together after school, giving Ethan and I more time to spend together.

As we got older, and spent more time together we became close, of course, telling each other everything. We'd talk about what we wanted to be when we got older, who we didn't like at school, what girls were putting out, normal teenager shit. Since we had become so close we could basically finish each other's sentences and often helped each other with what to wear and who to date.

It wasn't until 8th grade we figured out we liked each other in a way we were always told boys weren't supposed to, and it scared both of us because sleepovers became awkward, we talked less at school, and afternoon conversations became less about what we did that day and more about what we needed from the other. 

All those bottled up emotions came to a head during our sophomore year of college, when Ethan invited me to go with his family to the beach on labor day weekend. I remember that Wednesday morning like it was yesterday, as Ethan's dad packed up the car for he and I, his brother, and parents to head to Panama City Beach until Sunday. The weekends leading up to we became close again, and being together at school wasn't awkward anymore, as we were back to our inseparable ways.

We arrived in Panama City early in the afternoon, and Ethan and I were given our own room with an attached bathroom, much to his brother's protest. After we unpacked, I suggested we change into our swim suits and go for a walk on the beach to check out the girls. Ethan obliged, and much to my surprise stripped right in front of me. It was the first time I saw Ethan's cock, and I'm sure I looked like a deer in headlights. We clearly shaved his pubic hair and the top of his legs, which I remember made his balls look so smooth. His cock was very thick, and at least an inch longer than mine.

I remember standing there, mouth wide open when Ethan finally said, "come on fucker, let's go!" Finally snapping back to reality, I shed my clothes and walked to the chest to get my trunks. Catching a glance at Ethan, he watched my dick swing and ass jiggle like a hawk, almost salivating. At that moment I knew why he invited me down, and why he asked his parents if we could have the room to ourselves. It was fine with me though. We could finally get our unresolved feelings out in the open and relieve all the sexual tension between us.

The beach was crowded with bathers, families, retired people, college students on break, and no shortage of barely legal babes in shoe string bikinis. It was enough to make any teenage boy rock hard. The sound of waves crashing on the white-sand beach made our conversation inaudible to others around us as we were saying things about the girls in the shoe string bikinis that would make our mothers wash our mouths out with soap.

We walked what felt like a good mile, so I asked him if he was ready to turn around. He requested we walk a bit more when a volleyball came rolling towards my foot. I picked it up and looked around to find a group of fraternity brothers playing close to the pier. Most of them had on board shorts, but a few of them speedos, but all of them had perfect tans and perfectly chiseled, rock hard abs. Throwing back the volleyball, the frat guys thanked us, and asked if we would like to join. 

I looked over at Ethan for an answer only to discover his eyes were about to pop out of his head and his mouth had dropped about 3 feet under the sand. After a nudge on the shoulder, he quickly answered "Yeah sure, why not." I could see the lust in Ethan's eyes as he took in the bulging packages tucked in those speedos and visible dick lines in the board shorts, making his cock stiffen in his trunks. 

The guys were drinking beer, of course, and really seemed to like smacking each other on the ass when someone made a good play. It was all I could do to keep from taking part in feeling some college guy ass myself, but I wasn't half drunk so I figured it would be taken the wrong way. After a few hours, we decided to head back to the condo and grab something to eat. I guess we didn't realize we had so far to walk because we were already tired from playing volleyball, what felt like a mile trek in the sand later we were back in our room.

Ethan found a note from his parents saying they were out by the pool and his brother was no where to be found. After fixing our sandwiches, I decided to hop in the shower. 

As soon as I turned on the water I heard Ethan holler "don't jerk off without me!" What did he mean by that? I kind of chuckled a little bit, wondering if I was that obvious with my stares at the packages of the frat boys that he would think I was going to beat off. 

The hot water felt good to my sun kissed body, rinsing the sand from my legs and feet, the soap taking off the layer of sun screen I applied before our walk. I was so horny from watching those volleyball playing frat boys my cock was getting hard before I even got my hands down there to wash it. I teased it a little and played with my balls before remembering Ethan's words, wondering if I was a few minutes away from making a reality of what I long fantasized about. I soaped up my ass, making sure every creak and crevice was clean before turning off the water and drying off. 

Pulling the towel off my head from drying my hair, I see Ethan completely nude pissing on the other side of the bathroom. "Hope you saved some hot water for me," he teased. I modestly wrapped my towel around my waist and started to exit the bathroom when Ethan walked past me saying casually "I hope you remember what I said before you got in." 

He smacked my ass like the frat boys did and we both erupted in laughter, but my chuckles stopped when Ethan bent over to turn on the water. He spread his feet apart and bent his knees, purposely showing me his hole. I wanted right then to drop towel and walk up behind him to rub my growing cock on his hole, but instead I opened the bathroom door to our bedroom and left him to shower.

I didn't close the door all the way, because I planned to steal a peek at Ethan the same way he had done me when I got out of the shower. Once I heard the water turn off I made a mad dash for the bathroom. I made sure to have on nothing but my underwear, which was normal for us given our close relationship. Positioned in front of the toilet, I pulled my dick out and started to piss as soon as he pulled the curtain back. 

I tried so hard not to look his way but I could feel his eyes staring me down. I finished pissing and finally looked over. I guess Ethan was in a trance because he jumped as soon as he heard the toilet flush. 

"See something you like?" I said jokingly, admiring his goods myself. 

"Just thinking about something" he replied after a few seconds.

I walked out the bathroom to our bedroom, never taking my eyes off his thick, veiny cock, knowing he couldn't see me because of the towel over his head, drying his short brown hair. 

I lay in our bed flipping through the channels on the small TV on our dresser, stopping on MTV which was playing one of our favorite songs. Ethan walked in the room and over to the dresser, completely naked. 

"Would you put some fucking clothes on, your ass is in the way of the TV," I commented. 

Ethan shook his ass at me, "you know you like the view" he snapped back. 

Indeed I did. His body was a little more chiseled than mine, but we were both skinny and fit. I admired the slight V he was getting in his hips and the line in the middle of his abs, stopping at his briefs. I had just recently getting abs myself and we both made sure do walk around without shirts on whenever possible, trying to impress the girls. Ethan plopped down on the bed next to me in his underwear, and after a few minutes of being still, we both fell asleep.

A few hours later, Ethan's brother Seth bust open our door "Wake up fags!" he bellowed. 

"Fuck you Seth" I snapped back, prompting Seth to jump on our bed, grabbing both of us by the head with his arms. Seth was on the wrestling team at school and was damn good at it too. 

"You bitches should just give up" Seth proclaimed, as we both tried our damnedest to fight him off. 

After a few minutes he gave in and let us go. I have to admit, there was something about being bound into submission by Seth that made my dick quiver in my briefs. He was 6'2, ripped to perfection, and had a monster cock I had seen once while sleeping over with Ethan. It was much thicker than Ethan's, and had two huge veins running down either side of the shaft. It was easily 5 inches soft, I couldn't imagine how big it got when he was hard.

Ethan and I got ready for dinner and putt putt with his parents, while Seth got ready to meet some friends of his on the strip for what I'm sure would be a wild night of drinking, drugs, and somebody's girlfriend getting naked. We returned to our room a few hours later to watch a movie his parents brought. 

They both had a few glasses of wine with dinner, so halfway through the movie they were both passed out on the sofa. I grew bored with the movie, and suggested we walk around the complex or walk on the beach again. After getting permission from his parents, we started our second walk of the day, but this time our conversation wasn't our usual cars and wants chit chats.

"What all have you done with a girl?" Ethan asked. 

I was a little surprised, but figured he would ask me that sooner or later. "You know what I've done, we talk about every fucking thing" I replied. 

He gave me the that's-not-good-enough face. "I made out with Jamie, Logan and Courtney. I've pretty much done it all but have sex with Logan. I finger banged her pussy last week after school before my mom got home. Jamie is still the only girl whose sucked my dick, Logan acts like she's scared to do it or something. Oh yeah, I made out with Amber at that party last summer. She started jacking me off but got scared and quit when I told her I was gonna cum. How bout you?" I asked. 

Ethan started listing his scores "Well, I haven't had a girl suck my dick yet, but I did eat Jennifer's pussy..."

"No fucking way!" I interrupted, "What did it taste like? I've heard it smells funny."

"Jennifer's didn't smell bad, but it did have a funny taste to it. Like it was kinda sweet. I don't know how to describe it. The longer I did it the wetter her pussy got though. We had to stop cause she was getting it all over my sheets and I was scared my mom would see it. But you bet your ass I beat off as soon as she left!" We both erupted in laughter. 

We continued talking about the hot girls at our school, our celebrity crushes, what we thought sex felt like. I was halfway through telling him about a porn I watched at my cousin's house when Ethan interrupted me. 

"What do you think sex with a guy feels like?" 

I almost lost my balance I was so caught off guard. I had never really thought about it before, but I did know I was attracted to Ethan, and figured he was going somewhere with it. 

"Bitch, I don't know," I stammered "I don't imagine it's much different."

"Well I think about it like this, nobody knows what a guy likes better than a guy. You have to explain it to girls and walk them through it, I feel like with guys they already know what feels good and what doesn't cause we all jack off and watch porn."

"I never thought about it like that... Maybe you have a point. I had to basically tell Jamie how to suck my dick. I felt like she was going to think I was gay and had done it before I knew so much about it," I chuckled to myself.

"Have you ever done it before?" Ethan asked.

"Done what?"

"Sucked another guy's dick."

"Shit no. Have you?"

"My brother's. It was a long time ago. I made mom's favorite dish fall off the wall throwing a ball in the house, and he told me if I did it he would take the wrap for me." Ethan embarrassedly admitted.

"What was it like?" I asked, intrigued.

"It wasn't that bad. His dick didn't taste funny, but cum is super salty. It's all slimy and shit and if you let it dry it gets sticky. His balls smelled like sweat and cum, but his dick was so damn big I could hardly get the head of it in my mouth before it was gagging me."

"Damn" I replied in amazement, "is it really that big?"

"I just told you i've sucked dick before and all you can say is it really that big? You must want to try it yourself?" 

The question caught me off guard, but before I knew I was talking I replied "Kinda. I've always wondered what it was like." 

I couldn't believe I said that. This was my best friend and I just admitted to him I wanted to suck dick.

Ethan must have picked up on my stares in the bathroom and been looking for his opportunity. 

"I never thought my first time getting head would be by a guy, but you can suck mine if you want to."

I was so turned on. I couldn't believe the thing I thought about most while jerking off was actually about to happen, and I had no problem saying OK to his proposition.

We walked a little further towards the beach to find a dark place on the sand.

After finding the right spot, I took no time grabbing Ethan's throbbing cock through his shorts. It felt so big inside of his khaki shorts and briefs, and must have extended all the way to his hip. I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and slid his zipper down. I reached in and could feel the heat coming from his dick through his underwear. 

After stroking his dick through his briefs for a few minutes, I finally got up the courage to pull his big cock out. I could see a string of pre-cum hanging on his underwear from the slit in the head of his dick. I was so curious to see what it tasted like I immediately knelt down in front of him and licked the pre-cum from his massive member. The mix of sweet and salty tasted so good on my tongue. 

I wanted more of it and I knew how to get it too. I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick, and went down as far as I could. The feeling of his warm cock on the back of my throat was amazing. I moved my head up and down his shaft, stopping at the head every now and then to lick the head with my tongue. 

I soon figured out how to swirl my tongue around his dick while sucking it, a sensation I had felt each time Jamie sucked me off. Every few minutes he would leak pre-cum into my mouth, making me want his load more and more. I started to really get into it, using my left hand to massage his balls and my right hand to jack his dick in rhythm with my sucking, making Ethan moan and his legs shake in anticipation of the coming orgasm. 

His cock started to swell in my mouth, his balls tensed up in my hand, his hips started to buck, and he unloaded spurt after spurt of cum in my mouth and throat, moaning so loud if anyone was near they would know exactly what was happening. I wanted to catch it all so bad, but he came so much it started to leak out of my mouth. I swallowed what I could, squeezing his dick head for the last of his sweet cum.

Ethan's first words were "Holy shit. Are you sure you've never done that before?"

I laughed, "That was definitely my first time, I just see it a lot in porn."

"Well you must watch a lot of fucking porn cause that was amazing. I've never cum like that before. I bet I could make you cum even harder," he boasted.

"I'd like to see you try," I insisted, with a grin on my face.

Ethan wasted no time pulling down my shorts and getting on his knees. I already felt like I would bust a nut just sucking my first dick and drinking my first cum load, but to my surprise I was able to enjoy his cock sucking skills for a little while. He wasn't as timid as I, and dove right in. He tried as hard as he could to deep throat my dick, but would gag every time it touched the back of his throat. 

He put the head of my dick in his mouth and started to suck as hard as he could, making my hard cock move back and forth in his warm, wet mouth. He started to fondle my nuts with his left hand, jerk me off with his right as I did him a few minutes earlier. He took my dick out of his mouth and continued to stroke it while he started licking and sucking my balls. 

He licked the skin, and took one nut at a time in his mouth, carefully sucking one then the other. His left hand started reaching further and further towards my hole. All he had to do was touch it and I was ready to explode. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" I exclaimed. Ethan promptly took my cock back in his mouth and started sucking and jacking the cum from my balls. 

I hadn't had an orgasm that good since the first time I had my dick sucked. I came for what felt like an hour, squirting hot cum all in Ethan's mouth. He was a more skilled swallower than I, and didn't let a drop escape his lips. I must have unloaded a bucket full, and he swallowed every bit.

The walk back to our condo was full of "you sucked mine better" "no, you sucked mine better" and by the time we got there, we were so turned on from talking about it, we decided to do it again. Creeping in the front door, Ethan made sure his parents and Seth were asleep before returning to our room and closing the door. I was already naked on the bed when he turned on the lights.

He gave me a up-and-down look and quickly undressed. He walked over to the bed and started to kiss me stomach, and slowly worked his way down to my cock. Both our dicks were already hard again, and I noticed Ethan's was leaking pre-cum again. As he started to play with and lick my cock and balls, I leaned over, putting my head on the edge of the bed and began returning the favor. It was a perfect 69 position, and we both were wildly sucking the other's dick, practically begging it for more precious cum. 

I took Ethan's cock out of my mouth to jack his dick and use my mouth and tongue to lick his balls. The smell of cum and sweat was intoxicating, and I took them in my mouth one at a time. I carefully sucked one then the other, being careful to not suck too hard. Finally I had them both in my mouth tugging on the loose skin gently with my teeth. 

I felt his legs start to shake from the sensation of my mouth salivating on his balls, tugging on them with my teeth, and jacking his cock with my hand. I quickly returned his pulsing dick to my mouth just in time to catch the first two spurts of cum. I swallowed quickly while he pumped more and more cum in my waiting mouth. He definitely came more than the first time, but this go round I refused to let any escape my lips. 

I swallowed for what felt like forever, finally feeling his cock soften in my mouth. After catching his breath, Ethan put my pre-cum soaked dick in his mouth and coaxed another huge cum load from my balls. He milked my cock, swallowing every drop like a pro until my balls were completely drained. We rolled over in the bed, completely spent, and fell asleep nude under our covers.

I hadn't slept that hard in a while, and when we woke the next morning, I could hear Seth taking a leak in the bathroom. He opened the door to our room, and quickly shut it, as if he had seen something he didn't want to. Ethan was on the side closest to the door, so I got up to see what he saw. 

To my dismay, Ethan was only partially under the covers, his legs and fully erect morning wood in plain sight. Seth had discovered we slept together nude last night. Little did we know, he wasn't going to let us forget it either.

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