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Back to All StoriesLab Partners — A lab partner's dare turns...

Lab Partners — A lab partner's dare turns into more.

Added Date: Jan 23, 2016 | Category: 1st Timer | Viewed: (507) times

Lab Partners

As a sophmore in college I was struggling through a chemistry lab class when my lab partner offered to come by my apartment and help me out with some of it. He was not really the kind of guy you would expect to be very good chemistry, let alone someone who would offer to spend his time helping me out. He was an athletic looking guy that had to be getting his share of the ladies. He was about 6'5", 225, blonde hair, brown eyes. His name was David. I had always been slightly interested in trying stuff with other guys, but had never really given it too much thought. And when David offered to help me with chem the thought never even crossed my mind about trying something with him. I was just happy to have a little tutoring. 

For about a month David would come over and help me with my labs and help with my studying. He would be there at least twice a week and it had been kept strictly to school work. But one day that all changed.

As we were working on a lab David was standing behind me, showing me how to work out a problem. I was sitting and he was kind of leaning over. As I reached for my eraser I jerked my arm back and accidently elbowed him in the groin. It seemed he was in a little pain, but we kept working on the lab. After a while he had been complaining that his balls were hurting. 

After about the third or fourth time he mentioned how he was in pain, I said, "Well, what the hell do you want me to do, kiss it and make it feel better, like mommy used to do."

I had the made the comment sarcastically and we both kinda laughed. Then David jokingly said, "I dare you to, tough guy."

I laughed and said, "In your dreams."

"I double-dare ya," was the next thing I heard. 

Still kind of joking and wanting to see how David was going to take this before he backed down, I said, "OK, fine with me, as long as it shuts you up."

I turned in my chair and motioned for him to stand in front of me. David walked over and stopped with his crotch in front of me and started to undo his belt. He then stopped and said, "Ha, got you." He had gone far enough, he thought.

I knew he would back down, but I was curious as to how far I could take this and was beginning to get a little aroused at the idea. Before he turned back away I reached up and grabbed David's belt. I looked up at him and began to undo his belt. He had a slightly confused look on his face, but didn't seem to resist. I took off his belt and started to undo his pants. By this time I could feel my cock growing under my pants and it was obvious David was getting a little aroused too. I took off his pants and then leaned over and kissed his balls through his boxers. 

David said, "Thats a little better, but not really good yet." 

I said, "Oh, really" and grabbed the waistline to his boxers and pulled them down. 

He was almost fully hard now and I leaned forward and kissed his bare balls. Only this time I stayed there and began licking his balls and sucking on them. David let out a sigh and a moan and told me that was much better. I then grabbed his growing cock and licked up the length of it. When I got to the tip I circled my tongue around it and began to pump him with my hand. I licked the tip of his dick and flicked the hole some. David sort of pushed his hips toward my mouth and I let the head slip into my mouth. It was one of the greastest feelings I had ever experienced. Here I was with my lips wrapped around the cock of a strapping young college guy and I was loving it.

I began sliding my mouth further down David's cock and felt him hit the back of my throat. I tried to take more of him in, but he was too big. By now, my cock was straining against my pants, so I undid my pants and pulled my cock out and starting stroking it with one hand. The other hand had found its way to David's balls and I massaged them as I began pumping my mouth up and down his hard dick. 

After a while David's breathing began to quicken and I figured he was going to cum soon. I wasn't sure what to do so I kept sucking his dick and figured I would try to swallow his load. Then before I knew it David moaned loudly and my mouth was filled with warm, salty cum. I tried to swallow as much as I could but David just kept filling my mouth up and cum was running down my chin and out the corners of my mouth. The taste was so good, I couldn't believe it. 

Then David pulled me up by my shoulders and kissed me on my lips and pushed his tongue in my mouth. This caught me off guard, but it felt really good and we kissed for a while, exploring each others mouths with our tongues. He pushed me back and I sat on the edge of the table. David reached down and pulled off my shoes and pants. He bagan stroking my cock and kissed me again. Then he moved his head down and took my cock in his mouth. It felt great. I leaned back and closed my eyes, let out a little moan, and moved my hips up toward his mouth. 

David was slowly sucking back and forth on my cock. I could tell I was close to cumming so I grabbed the back of his head and began pulling him down on me. Then David put a finger against my asshole and slowly pushed it in. It hurt a little at first, but it made me feel like I had to cum instantly. I let out a huge sigh and shot my load into his mouth. David eagerly sucked down my first spurt and then the following ones filled up his mouth. He brought his head up and I could tell he had a mouth full of cum. He leaned up to kiss me and filled my mouth with my own cum as he pushed his tongue in. We swirled my cum around and then we each swallowed half. 

David continued to kiss me and I soon felt his finger at my hole again. He pushed one finger inside and I winced a little. That was all the cue David needed. He pushed me down so I was laying on my back on the table. He pushed up my legs and started licking my ass. He made circles around my hole and then licked across it. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed this new found pleasure. David was licking my asshole and soon stuck his tongue deep in my ass and I let out a huge moan. 

Then David stood up and grabbed my ankles and put them on his shoulders. I open my eyes and looked at him as he let out a devilish grin. Next I felt his hard cock pressing against my virgin hole and he pressed hard until his head slipped into me. The heat and pain was intense and David continued to push his cock deeper into my ass. When he got all the way in my whole body began to get warm and the pain began to go away. 

David began to pull out until just the head was inside me and pushed forward again. He started to pick up the pace and was soon fucking me so hard his balls would slap on my ass. I had my hands clinched on the edge of the table and was loving getting my ass plowed by David's hot, hard member. Then he stopped for a sec and pulled back slowly. David was now slamming forward hard into my ass and very slowly pulling back. Then, on one hard thrust I felt his hot cum fill up my ass. David leaned forward and kissed me again and I felt his cock soften and slide out of my ass. 

He continued kissing me and then whispered that I was great and he would see me tomorrow. I could hardly wait. I got up and went into the bathroom and took a nice hot shower and imagined how much fun tomorrow was going to be.

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