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Back to All StoriesKyle and Will — Best friends find themselves...

Kyle and Will — Best friends find themselves and more.

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Kyle was my best friend. He lived next door and our whole lives until HS graduation we were inseparable. We got into all kinds of trouble together nothing serious, but I think we managed between us, to age our parents quicker than they would have on their own. 

Kyle was a skinny, dirty blond, green eyed kid who in the ninth grade shot up to 6ft, in what seemed like overnight. He grew muscles that popped every where and developed a charm which became my undoing. Girls all of a sudden took notice and Kyle did not disappoint. He was never without a girl, but never kept one for too long. 

I was no slouch in the looks department either. I had always been tall at 6'1", Kyle just caught up. Where he was fair skinned, I was darker and had brown wavy hair and blue eyes. I was slim, my muscles developed naturally through sports. I have no doubt that if I stopped playing sports or working out I would become a limp lanky pole. Where Kyle and I differed was very obvious to me, but to everyone else at school and especially Kyle I was the typical skirt loving jock. 

I knew from a very early age I was different. When we were ten, Kyle jumped naked into his pool. The image of his pale ass outlined against his tan body, and the glimpse of his dangling penis haunted me for weeks. I would go to sleep thinking about it and pulling at my own dick till I was sore. I finally broke down and told my older brother who laid it out plainly for me. Needless to say I was even more confused and even a bit disgusted. Somewhere deep down I knew he was right. I was gay. It took me another year to finally come to terms with it and come out to my dad.

By then I was totally head over heels crushing on my best friend. Every girl he obsessed about drove a stake in my heart. I played the part of supporting best friend, secretly happy when they broke up for one reason or another. The questions about my non interest in dating girls were stunted because I joined every club that would not interfere with my sports schedule. That kept me pretty busy and no time to date. Of course I had the occasional girl for date night, or school dances, but they always knew it would go nowhere. High school girls were mostly just happy to be seen with the popular jocks. I was tormented though, keeping whom I was from Kyle, watching him kiss a girl, hold hands or dance. I wanted it to be me so badly. 

This continued through our final year of high school. I played it straight as they say, not willing to risk my friendship with Kyle. That bond we had only grew. There was almost nothing we didn't tell each other. I knew that no matter what, we would always be in each other's lives. The one thing I dreaded hearing about never happened. In spite of the long list of girls, he was still a virgin. I don't know what I interpreted that to mean, but it led me to do the one thing that I thought I would never have the courage to do.

After graduation, two days before I left for my study year abroad, Kyle and I spent the day in my bedroom battling zombies on the Wii. It was typical. We were both shirtless, elbows and knees jamming each other as we jerked about maneuvering the controllers. The obscure touches were driving me mad and inevitably round one went to him. I threw my controller on the floor and lay back on my bed. Kyle followed suit. He turned his head to stare at me and we lay like that for a minute before he broke the spell. 

"So, are you scared? I mean a whole year away."

"Nah." I answered. "Well maybe just a little. But I am excited too." 

He rolled his head away and stared up at the ceiling 

"I'm going to miss you." He sounded sad, but he punched me in the arm and sat up on the bed. "You have to promise to tell me what the chicks are like over there." 

I closed my eyes, determined to tell him once and for all. 

"I don't think so Kyle." I sat up sitting like he was, facing each other. 

"What do you mean? You have to dude! It's only fair."

"Because," I started slowly, my heart hammering in chest. "I am gay." There I said it. I looked at my friend slowly taking in what I said to him. 

"Will? Did.. did you just come out to me?" Kyle looked incredulous. 

I tried to negotiate the cotton in my mouth. "Y-Yeah I did." 

He stared at me for so long I thought I would disappear. I wrapped my hands around my chest and looked away. I was beginning to think I had made a mistake in telling him when I felt his hand on my shoulder. I looked around at him unable to stop the tears from coming. 

"It's okay Will. I mean I'm just surprised that's all." His hand tightened on my shoulder. 

"Do Kevin and your Dad know?"

I nodded. "I told them a while ago. I've known for a long time."

"And you're just getting around to telling me?" Kyle leapt off the bed and I quickly followed. "I thought we told each other everything Will?"

"I would have told you Kyle, but I didn't want it to ruin our friendship and I thought that telling you was the one thing that would. You are my best friend I couldn't lose you." 

"You should have trusted me Will. We will always be friends nothing you say will take that away. I thought you knew that." Kyle sat dejectedly on the bed again, and stared off into space. 

I knelt in front of him hands on his knees. "I'm sorry, I guess I was scared. You're not mad?"

Kyle shook his head no. Feeling emboldened I went full throttle. "Since I'm confessing I might as well tell you all of it." 

"There's more?" 

"I love you Kyle." 

"I know stupid, I love you too. Wait.." He looked at me realization dawning in his beautiful eyes. "You mean.."

"Yes, I am in love with you. It has always been you." 

He just sat there looking down at me. He didn't push me away or hit me, so I did what any hot blooded, hormonal, boy in love with his best friend would do. I rose up on my knees and I kissed him. I let my lips know what his felt like, and I wrapped my arms around him crushing him desperately to me. Nothing happened and then ever so slightly, I felt his lips move. Sweet fuck. My brain went on overload. I moved my mouth over his in what I thought was encouragement.

Kyle was kissing me back and I had no fucking idea what the hell I was doing. It occurred to me that it was too easy but I quickly moved on from that. My experience was limited and the few gay porn movies I had seen were not in preparation for this. I decided to just go with it. His skin felt hot beneath mine and with him rubbing my back just made it hotter. I pushed him back on the bed slowly, scared that he would cry foul any minute. I straddled him, bending over to kiss his neck and shoulders. I ran my hands over his chest and followed them with my lips, twirling my tongue around the splattering of hair surrounding his nipples. When I got to his belly button I slowed suddenly unsure of what came next. 

I looked back up at Kyle. His eyes were closed and his face flushed. I reached up my hand and caressed his face. 

"Can I touch you?"

His eyes sprang open. I saw confusion, heat and desire. "You are touching me." He rasped. 

"Can I touch you here?" I drew up my hand against his hard cock, outlined against his shorts. 

He hissed his reaction to my touch and nodded. I kissed him softly, and then watched the expressions go to war over his face as I slipped my hand into his shorts to touch him. I pulled his pants over his ass and set his dick free. I had seen Kyle naked before. Our dicks were about the same size, about seven inches cut in length but this was different. Seeing him like this set something off in me. I was thicker, but Kyle's dick was heavily veined and its head right now was a dark, almost purple color and shiny. I did not plan it, but I found myself kissing his tip and licking the pre-cum from the slit. Kyle hips rose up to my face and I hesitantly, but confidently took my first cock in my mouth. 

Kyle tasted like everything I ever imagined and nothing I ever knew. I licked him, saturating his dick with my saliva and working him from base to tip. If it was even possible I felt his dick grow in my mouth. I was hesitant and awkward, but whatever I was doing seemed to be working for Kyle. I cupped his balls and picked up the pace, my head bobbing up and down his shaft. I kept up the slow pace, just savoring the taste of his dick in my mouth. My nose nuzzled his pubes at times and I let my teeth gently graze his shaft. His soft noises and alternate grunts punctuated with 'oh yeahs' let me know that he was enjoying this as much as I was enjoying giving it. 

"Will, oh fuck, I'm going to come." 

I felt him stiffen in my mouth and brought my lips to his swollen head and sucked and licked for all I was worth.

"Fuck, fuck, yeah, oh fuck I'm coming Will, fuuuuuccck, Unghhhhhh." Kyle exploded. I mean exploded thick ropes of cum most of which landed on my chest, but I took a hit to my chin and cheeks. 

I shoved my pants and boxers off of me and joined Kyle on the bed. Before we could let any uneasy feelings of what happened overtake us, I kissed him again hard this time. He joined in exploring my mouth with abandon. Not seeming to mind the taste of him in my mouth. Not even realizing it, I was rubbing my erection against his leg. He broke the kiss to stare at me, before nervously bringing his hands down to my cock. The feel of his fingers grazing my balls almost sent me over the edge. 

"Kyle, you don't.." 

"Shut up Will. Shut up."

Kyle used the liquid seeping out of my dick to coat its length and pumped and squeezed my dick. My hips moved in tandem with his rhythm. At that rate I knew I would not last long. Kyle stifled my moans with his mouth as I furiously pumped my dick into his fist. I felt the warmth spill over. My body shuddered and shook as I came. Kyle held me until my body stopped moving.. I was reveling in his tender embrace and I never thought to wonder why it was so easy for Kyle to reciprocate my feelings I felt when he shifted from beside me, kissing my neck, but I kept my face pressed into the bed. When it got too quiet I rolled over and looked for him. He was frantically trying to find his shirt having already put his shorts back on. Confused I called his name.

"Kyle?" he froze. "Kyle, look at me. Please." I pleaded. 

He did, and then I wished that he didn't. I was feeling loved and intoxicated in the moment. Looking at Kyle I saw regret and fear. 

"It would have been so different if you had told me before now Will." He sounded far away.

"Kyle. I ..." 

He abandoned the search for his shirt, tore open the door and disappeared down the hall. I listened to his footsteps running. My body jerked to the slam of the front door.

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